Github: lorien

Web Scraping Services

Hello. I am an experienced web developer and my main area of expertise is web scraping. I have completed more than 300 web scraping projects.

My experience:

  • Scraping large websites with millions of pages
  • Using proxy lists to bypass website scraping protection
  • Scraping captcha-protected websites
  • Scraping javascript-driven (AJAX) websites
  • Extracting data from API endpoints
  • Processing XML, JSON, and CSV documents
  • Storing and processing data in Redis, MongoDB, MySQL and Postgresql databases
  • Building a web interface to control crawlers
  • Building complex systems to process data from multiple sources

I am author of the open source web scraping framework Grab. I use that framework in most of my web scraping projects.

I would be happy to work on any interesting project related to web scraping and data processing. Feel free to contact me to discuss your project for a quote and estimated time to complete the project.